Happy Birthday To Me, wrinkles and all.

I love celebrating birthdays. And today is mine!  I’m proud to say I’m 41 years young today this 10th day of August 2010.

Many people like to forget their birthdays.  They don’t want to celebrate gaining another year in age. 

Not me.  I like to look at it as another year of life, experience, love, friendship and adventure! 

I get a little disheartened when I see all the commercials for anti-aging products for us women of a certain age – you know, the wrinkle reducers and such.  I have my fair share of wrinkles around the eyes, but I like to look at those wrinkles as 41 years of seeing the world, my family and children, majestic mountains, blue oceans, and the simple beauty of sunflowers and blades of grass.  I’d rather hear about the life that eyes have seen than how to get rid of the life that those eyes have experienced. 

Don’t get me wrong. I’m all for looking my best, but I’m not going to go to great expensive lengths to wipe away the after effects of a life well lived.

I like to celebrate.  A couple of years ago, I threw myself a birthday party – a ladies martini night in my backyard!  We giggled, ate really good chocolate and of course made ourselves martinis.  Last year was the best – I was so proud to turn 40!  We threw a great party – 1980s style!  Everyone came dressed in their best neon, jellies and leggings.  We drank Sea Breezes and Fuzzy Navels and danced away the night to Wham, Michael Jackson, Madonna and the sounds of Flashdance.  It was one of the most fun nights of my life.

This year hubby and I and some friends are heading out to a martini bar for dinner and drinks.  A little quieter than last year, but a celebration nonetheless.  And a couple of days ago we had a little impromptu get together at home with some friends and enjoyed their fine company and a delicious dinner, fresh from the garden.

A birthday is a great way to reflect on the the year gone past.  What has been accomplished and enjoyed?  What dreams have been realized?  What new ones are on the horizon for next year?  And of course there are heartaches to consider too.  That is part of life and should be reflected upon.  Goodness only knows our family has had our share of them. 

But this is what life is – an adventure to be be shared, enjoyed and relished.  Every new wrinkle is a sign that I’ve done something, lived more and gained experience in this journey of life. 

And I don’t mind another wrinkle or two.  Cheers!

3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday To Me, wrinkles and all.

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  1. Happy Birthday. The idea of hiding their age by always claiming to be 29 annoys me…because I know women who didn't make it to 40 because of cancer…didn't see their children grow up, their husband's first silver hair, their garden for another season…I celebrate each day and feel blessed to grow older! Have a wonderful night!


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