Playdate time. Where’s the wine?

Ahh the playdate.  Specifically the playdates that my 3 boys have with my BFF Beth’s 3 boys.  For a grand total of 6 boys.  That is a lot of boys.  Plus now we’ve each added a puppy to our broods.  So 6 boys plus 2 puppies.

Our boys are pretty close in ages – mine are 10, 8 and 3.  Hers are 9, 7 and 3.  Whenever we have playtime after school, we fantasize that the kids will all play peacefully downstairs while we moms quietly sip a glass of wine watching Oprah.  Though we are now resigning ourselves to the fact that getting our boys together means that neither of us will get to complete a sentence, the wine will be guzzled and we will be lucky to catch Oprah’s ending credits.

Case in point, today.  Beth made cookies for an after school snack.  Beth’s boy #3 (BB#3) walked around the kitchen with his 2 cookies on a plate that slid off so my dog ate them, sharing them with Beth’s dog.  Then my dog grabbed my boy #2’s (DB#2) cookie off the table because he didn’t sit down fast enough.  The dogs then romped around the kitchen for a while all sugared up.  Then DB#3 had some bathroom time but forgot to point his thingy downwards so his shirt, pants, socks and undies were soaked, along with the bathroom floor.  Then Beth’s puppy tinkled all over her bed in the kitchen. Then they all wanted to go outside which meant suiting up in snow pants.  Add to that the noise of 6 boys and 2 dogs, and well you get the picture.  We didn’t even get the chance to turn on Oprah.  Forget the wine.  We were together for 55 minutes.

Last summer we came to a rather sad conclusion.  It appears that whenever we all show up at our local playground, all the other kids seem to disappear.  We must look pretty scary, invading the playground with the normal wild screams of boys on the loose.  But sure enough, we noticed a trend.

Beth summed it up well though.  “Hey,” she whispered, “let’s head over to the playground in the next township.  No one knows us over there.”

Next summer we might not be so lucky.  Our reputations – and noise – may precede us.

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