Wonder Woman Wednesday, Week 1 – Jiggly bits.

I realize that there are many versions of Wonder Woman – just google image her and you’ll get 15 million – yes million! – different pictures.  Some are the iconic Lynda Carter in her 70s best, others the original DC Comic cartoon.  There are various, um, sexualized versions, and plenty of girls and women dressed in their Halloween finest, or perhaps not so finest.

No matter what google shows me though, I have an image in my mind of what Wonder Woman looks like – a strong, fit, confident woman.  I love the above picture, even though Lynda Carter’s waist is cinched in so much that it looks like she can’t breathe.

Motherhood certainly does a job on a woman’s body.  Though never skinny, I used to have a good curvy figure.  I was trim and healthy and felt pretty decent in a bathing suit.

Then I got pregnant.  And gained 60 pounds.   And then lost 50.
Then I got pregnant again.  And gained 60 pounds.  And then lost 50.
Then I got pregnant again.  And gained 60 pounds.  And then lost 50.

You know what is coming next…an excess of 30 pounds.  Plus a 10 pound baby boy – my other 2 were small, only in the mid 8 pound range –  will do a number on the ol’ tummy muscles, leaving them forever stretched, flabby and rolly polly.  Muffin top central.

Add to this the fact that my husband works for a major candy manufacturer – and has access to all the free chocolate a gal can handle.  And I mean good chocolate.  The really good kind.

I’ve been trying to lose these darn 30 pounds for a few years now.  And the pesky things just won’t go away!  I’ve read every diet book there is, and tried a good number of them out and failed miserably at each and every one.

I even ran a marathon last year, thinking that all that exercise would result in millions of calories burned.  Well sure those miles burned calories, but those miles also made me ravenous.  So not a single pound was lost.  Sure I had great leg muscles, but said muscles were still covered by jiggly bits.

The truth is, I love to cook.  And I love to eat what I cook.  And eat what others cook for me.  And eat what Panera Bread bakes for me, too.

And I love a glass (or 3) of cabernet.  Or merlot.  And I’ve rarely met a martini I didn’t like.

And don’t even get me started on chocolate.  Oh, the chocolate! Dark, milk, white, spicy, flavored with liqueur, in various shapes, colors and wrappers.  You get the picture.

Now it’s fine for me to joke about eating and drinking, but when it comes down to it, I am not comfortable in my own skin.  And I haven’t been for a while.  I know what I have to do to lose weight – eat healthy, eat less and exercise more – but it is really really hard.  I marvel at how people lose 50, 100, 200 pounds or more.  And I complain about my 30. 

Truth is, I think I’ve been lazy.  I know what to do, I just haven’t done it.

So my first step in rediscovering my inner Wonder Woman is to give myself a kick in the pants – my larger size pants – and get to work at losing these 30 pounds.

I’m realistic about my body.  I know that motherhood and age change a body in ways that you can’t necessarily reverse – without a scalpel anyway.  So I’m not expecting to look like Lynda Carter.  I just want to feel good in my own skin and not self conscious about my various jiggly bits.

So I’m finishing off my glass of merlot and getting to work.

2 thoughts on “Wonder Woman Wednesday, Week 1 – Jiggly bits.

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  1. Wow Deb. Just WOW. You are so articulate and right and amazing and WONDERful and you will be all of the above with or without jiggly bits! And you are aware I'm sure that we all have things we dislike about ourselves. I am first in that category! I also have gained weight and kept it without bearing children. I only 'bear' stress. And it shows on me in weight, my skin, various other ailments…..But it's ME, take it or leave it. I too am eternally waiting for my “Ah-ha” moment, to truly get a grip on what I grab and put in my mouth (Shut up Doug and DJ) and choose NOT to think about as I am doing it. And I don't know if that realization and total grasp on that reality will ever or should ever come. Cause then we wouldn't be us, enjoying fiiner things, good chocolate, martini's…..you can keep the merlot though. Just keep moving, that's the most important part. The endorphins will help get us to that feel good point. I promise. Love you!


  2. Whew. I was worried that lump turned out to be something that had to be cut off. I'm glad we're just talking about frustrating, but not necessarily deadly, jiggly bits! Go for it girl!


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