Occupy the Hills!

Today for the first time I ran hill repeats.  That means running up and down the same hill multiple times.  Crazy huh?

I’ve run many hills on my running routes, but never the same one over and over, on purpose.  It’s great for building strength and endurance, and it is hard work!

Here is my view at 7:10am this morning:

It’s a hill just down the street, where they are building a new house.  It’s a small dead end development – perfect for running!  No traffic, paved, a great slope and just the right distance.  So I happily headed out with my four legged friend Fendi and ran down the hill.

At the bottom, though, there were construction workers.  Every self-conscious woman’s nightmare.  There were four men, each sitting in their own pickup truck, sipping coffee.  And I ran right into the middle of them, with my pretty little purple running skirt and cute hat.  And puppy on bright pink leash. Ugh.

So I figured I had two choices:

I can go run somewhere else and not feel so self conscious, but not get the run I want.

Or I can show these tough dudes what a bad ass mother runner I am and kill this hill.  Multiple times.

So I smiled at the guys and headed up the hill.
And back down.
And back up and down.
And back up and down.
And back up and down.
And then back up.

It was a tough workout that left me breathless at the top each time.  But I’m so glad I did it.  I’ll do it next week again.  Construction workers or not.

Eat my pink dust, tough guys!

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