On the Road Again

The last month or so has had me off my game. 

In January I developed a cough.  A really bad cough.  It started out with flu like symptoms which sent me to bed for three straight days – which never happens.  With 3 sons, I don’t get much down time – but I was not well.  Then the cough started.

And continued.  And continued.

It lasted 7 weeks.  And not just an occasional cough.  No, it was one of those double over, red face, can’t catch my breath coughs.  A round of anitbiotics and perscription cough medicine didn’t do very much.  So I just had to wait for it to go away.

I tried to keep running through the cough.  But that was incredibly hard.  Running for six miles, coughing, or even just running for 3 miles, coughing, is not a good thing to do.  I couldn’t get a good deep breath at all.  I was pretty miserable.

The cough put me off my normal routine.  Writing and running and exercising.  So my 30 minutes of exercise everyday didn’t quite work out as planned over the last few weeks!  I missed about 7 days total where I didn’t get any exercise – not even walking the dog.

But that’s OK.  I forgive myself!  So now I’m getting my groove back.

I went for a fabulous run this morning.  4 miles, fog along the side of the road, quiet, cool.  It was wonderful.  I felt strong, energized and healthy!  I could get a deep breath without having a coughing fit.  I ran up hills that I normally walk up. 

It always amazes me how a run can just totally transform you.  I can head out grumpy, mad, angry about whatever, but return home refreshed and happy.

I’m so glad to have my lungs back! 

And my legs too – I’ve got one month to get ready for the NYC Half Marathon on March 18.  I was hoping for a personal best for the 13.1.  But that might not happen – which is ok. 

My goal now is just to run through Times Square, smiling, in a pink tutu!

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