Starting to Feel Human Again

4 weeks post op and I’m starting to feel a little more human again.

Thank goodness.

I was starting to have some trouble with my pathetic self.

My recovery from this horrible but necessary surgery has been problematic, to say the least.  I had to have another urgent trip to the doctor on Monday as my bladder hasn’t been working quite right.  The doctor thinks that it is having some trouble getting accustomed to it’s new internal pressure.  It’s going to take some time to get used to its new and improved function.  So in the meantime, I’m on another medication and have to go back for some tests in a week and a half.  Hopefully everything will be normal.  And the medication is starting to work, relieving the pain and spasms I was having.  Again, thank goodness.

It’s been difficult not getting depressed. I’m usually so active and always training for something.  Always having a goal or a project to work on.  I set myself some goals to work on during my recovery – mostly writing related – but in all honesty I’ve been in such a fog the last four weeks that I haven’t been able to think straight.

And not being able to really exercise has been very hard.  Running would always clear my head.  I’d start off grumpy, angry, whatever, and come home 4 or 5 miles later refreshed and renewed.  I’m up to walking two miles a day now which is certainly helping.  But it’s nothing like pounding the pavement.

But then yesterday I got some news that has put a real spring in my step!

I’m in for 2012!  As in the New York City Marathon…again!  I got in the lottery last year, and thought I’d enter again this year.

I figured that my chances were slim to zero for this year.

But somehow, I made it in again!  I am beyond excited!  November 4th is 199 days away, but now I feel like I have a goal again.  If my first few weeks of training are just walking, well so be it, but I’m still training.

The New York City Marathon is such an incredible experience.  Running those streets last year was a day unlike any other.

And this year, it’s going to be even better.  I can feel it.

I’m getting my body healthier.
All my bits and pieces have been put back where they belong.
I’m losing weight.
I’m eating a lot more spinach.

And at last my mind and body are starting to resurface from the last four weeks of drug induced lethargy and self induced pathetic-ness.

4 more weeks of recovery restrictions and then…

Look out New York, here I come!  Again!

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