An Ode of Love to My Dear Pink Kicks

On this Valentine’s Day, it’s only fitting to pay tribute to one of my great loves…

My beloved Brooks Adrenaline GTS 12s, aka my pink kicks

How do I love thee,
My dear pink kicks?
You’ve been light as feathers
And heavy as bricks.

You carried me near, far
On good days, and bad.
Up hills, through valleys
When I’m happy, and sad.

You’ve been there supporting me.
My ankles.  My heels.
My overpronation.
No matter how my arch feels.

You’ve carried me ‘cross starting lines.
Made me run in the rain.
Pushed me to finish,
Even when there was pain.

Together we’re one,
My dear kicks and I.
Even at mile 22
When I just want to die.

You’ve given me strength
You don’t let me fail.
Though my feet are not pretty
Ah, lost another toenail.

So as we journey along
Roads and paths together,
You will always be with me,
Now and forever.

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