Badass Mother Runner meets Badass Mother Baker

My very first post on my new blog was all about my initiation into a 21 day sugar detox.  I knew I had a problem.  I knew I had to deal with it.  But doing a sugar detox 1 week after and 3 weeks before a half marathon? Probably not my best idea.
The detox meant no carbs, except the occasional sweet potato.  Well, duh.  Guess what you need when you are training?  
I lasted a week.  And that week I spent curled up in a ball on the couch unable to move.  Unable to run.  Unable to train.  Unable to deal with my non-energetic (cough), very quiet (cough) 3 sons. 
So goodbye sugar detox.  I needed to run!  I know I still have to deal with all that emotional stuff with sugar, but today, this post is all about my other love (other than running, that is).
I’ve been an enthusiastic cake decorator for a few years, learning as I go.  I’ve loved making cakes for birthdays, anniversaries, retirements, Bar Mitzvahs…and most recently, a Mother Runner Party, a celebration of women who run, thanks to the badass gals Dimity and Sarah at Another Mother Runner.

I was so excited to meet them, and just as excited that I could make a cake to share with them and all the other mother runners at the party.  It was like my two worlds collided into awesomeness!

I decorated the cake with the colors of their two books (which are the best mother running books out there) Run Like a Mother and Train Like a Mother.  Added some gumpaste sneakers, personalized m&ms and a few pounds of fondant, and I had some happy mother runners who left not much but crumbs. (And very special thanks to Alison, our host for the evening, who snapped these gorgeous photos.  I was too busy, you know, eating cake.)
mother runner cake
Sarah, me, Dimity
badass mother runner m&ms
Cake decorating has been an incredible artistic outlet for me.  As a child, I was told I had no artistic ability.  My second grade paper Easter bunny, which the whole class – including the teacher – laughed at, still makes me shudder.  From that young moment, I thought I couldn’t make anything that was pretty.
And so it went with all things athletic…I was always hit first in dodgeball and picked last for teams at recess and gym. 
But guess what, life beings at 40! My cakes are now in demand, and I’ve run 7 half marathons and am training for my 4thfull marathon. 
Take that everyone who laughed at me!
Here are some of my favorite creations…
sandcastle cake – about 2 feet high
boobie cake #1 for a lactation consultant holiday party
boobie cake #2 for a lactation consultant conference
So all my worlds collided last week into one of the best things ever.  I ate my sugar in my cake and loved every mouthful.  And met two ladies – Dimity and Sarah – and many other mother runners that have inspired me beyond words.  Then I was a totally badass mother runner at the More/Fitness Half in Central Park, complete with pink kicks, pink flowery skirt and pink hat.  

So enjoy some cake and go for a run…not necessarily in that order! 
And call me a badass mother baker too!

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