Falling leaves and a wee dram

Falling leaf season is upon us!  Literally, everywhere.  Leaves, leaves and more leaves.  Especially when you live in (somewhat) rural New Jersey. 

This fall is especially poignant…I lost my Dad suddenly in March this year.  And I am remembering him fondly as the leaves fall.

Mum and Dad often drove their mammoth great RV out here in the fall, all the way from Vancouver Island.   Sometimes making an 8000 mile round trip, depending on the route they took. And the one thing my Dad always did out here in the fall was blow the leaves.

Every day he’d be out there, firing up the leaf blower, making sure that the grass was free of leaves.  At least for a few minutes until a gust of wind would bring down thousands more.  He’d come in for lunch, pour himself a beer, and then head out for the afternoon’s leaf blowing session.

So this year, it’s my job to blow the leaves.  I spent a few hours out there on Sunday, clearing every last golden leaf off the grass.  That was two days ago.  Today the ground is covered yet again. 


I got a little emotional as I carried the leaf blower on my back, listening to its drone through my ear plugs.  That thing is noisy.  And it took forever to clear the grass.

But that didn’t matter.  Not one bit.  I was walking in my dad’s footsteps through the piles of leaves, and smiling at my memories of him.


And like any good Scottish daughter would do, I poured a wee dram in his memory and said cheers.

Miss you, Dad.

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