About Me

I’m not where I thought I’d be at this stage of my life, but who ever really is?

Deba was a nickname given to me by a 3 year old.  It’s kind of stuck around.  But you can call me Deb.

I’m a work at home mom to three sons, ages 11, 15 and 17.  My home is a mess of cleats, football pads, soccer balls, dirty sports uniforms and stinky socks.

I work for 261 Fearless, a global organization dedicated to empowering women through running.  I get to know fearless women all around the world.

We have a dog that chases deer, a cat that occasionally freaks out in the middle of the night, and a lizard who sits around fat and happy all day.  There used to be a pink fish.

Our home is chaos and it sometimes smells really badly.

My eldest son will soon be off to college.

My middle son likes to kick footballs.

My youngest son thinks he’s 27 and acts like it too.


These are my boys all cleaned up.  I think they are very handsome.



My husband works for a major candy manufacturer and brings his work home with him, if you know what I mean.  So much chocolate in the house.  I love it and hate it all at the same time.

This is my husband (and me) at the finish of the 2014 New York City Marathon.  He’s my biggest fan.  I couldn’t do this without him.



I have an endless supply of material to write about, both humorous and heartbreaking.

I run long distances – very slowly – to have a break from the chaos.

I drink martinis.  And wine.  And whisky.  And other things.  We used to keep the bar in our bedroom.

I consider myself a citizen of the world as I’ve lived all over the planet and am never really sure how to answer the question “Where are you from?”

I’m a fierce defender of women’s rights.

I believe in kindness and tolerance above everything.

I live a life of chaos and adventure, and would be bored with it any other way.  Though there are times I’d like a day off.

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