Gratefully Fearless

Today is primary day here in New Jersey.  My polling place is about 3 miles away, depending on the route.  It is a beautiful day, and I needed to run – what better way to exercise my right to vote than by running to the polls? Here I am doing two things that to most... Continue Reading →

Revolution and Evolution of a Runner

13. For some, that’s an unlucky number. For me, that number represents revolution and evolution. This Sunday I’ll be running the New York City Half Marathon. 13.1 glorious miles through Central Park, Times Square and on down to Wall Street.   When I was 39, if someone had told me that I’d be running Half... Continue Reading →

From Loner to Sister

When I first started running, I ran alone.  I always ran alone. It wasn't really a choice - I didn't know any other runners. But in a way, it was a choice.  With three young boys at home with me all day, I needed an escape.  Some quiet time. Me, the road, and Eminem on... Continue Reading →

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