Happy New Year!

I love those words!  The promise of a new year, a rebirth of opportunity and a fresh start.  Though it’s roughly two and half months till the “official” new year, today feels like a new year for me. 2016 has been horrible.  To quote Queen Elizabeth II in 1992, an “annus horriblus.” This little video pretty... Continue Reading →

Fear. Lessons learned and re-learned.

I’ve been receiving iron infusions for my iron deficiency anemia over the last 6 weeks.  My hemoglobin and ferritin levels are coming back up and I’m feeling a little more energetic. As I got hooked up for yesterday’s infusion - my fourth - and settled in with my book, I thought how lucky I was... Continue Reading →

Lightening Up My Shoulders

I have heavy shoulders. I tend to carry the weight of the world on them. And our world is full of weight these days. Today, August 6 2013, is the 86th anniversary of the bombing of Hiroshima.  140,000 people were killed during the bombing and subsequent radiation.  World War II was full of unspeakable atrocities,... Continue Reading →

sugar. my drug of choice.

With apologies to Shakespeare...Sugar, thy name is enemy.Sugar is indeed my enemy.  It has been for a long time.  And I'm finally realizing what it's role is in my life.Hello, my name is Debbie and I'm addicted to sugar.I have struggled with my sugar intake for years.  And years. I have always been a chocolate... Continue Reading →

Shreddin’ It

So on my last post a  couple of weeks ago, I said see you tomorrow!  Well, obviously that didn't happen.  Thanks to a stomach bug, a flu bug and a broken wrist (only the flu bug was me.  The other two were from 2/3 of my obliging sons).  That's enough for me for the first... Continue Reading →

Starting to Feel Human Again

4 weeks post op and I'm starting to feel a little more human again. Thank goodness. I was starting to have some trouble with my pathetic self. My recovery from this horrible but necessary surgery has been problematic, to say the least.  I had to have another urgent trip to the doctor on Monday as... Continue Reading →

Crossing a different kind of finish line

I set myself some pretty tough goals at the beginning of the year.  My 30-30-30 plan.  30 minutes of exercise every day.30 minutes off my marathon time.Lose 30 pounds.It's the beginning of March, and I've made some headway.  I've lost 6 pounds. I'm faster and stronger. I've exercised 30 minutes almost every day.But now, I have... Continue Reading →

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