Falling leaves and a wee dram

Falling leaf season is upon us!  Literally, everywhere.  Leaves, leaves and more leaves.  Especially when you live in (somewhat) rural New Jersey.  This fall is especially poignant...I lost my Dad suddenly in March this year.  And I am remembering him fondly as the leaves fall. Mum and Dad often drove their mammoth great RV out... Continue Reading →

More Than An Empty Bottle

An empty bottle is usually something that gets tossed into the recycling bin, without a second thought, ready to head to a processing facility that will make it into another glass bottle.  That's what normally happens to the empty glass bottles at our house. But not this empty bottle. This bottle means something special.  It was, until... Continue Reading →

Run. Sure. The power of a period.

Last week was a bust for exercising.  2 measly miles.  And very slow ones at that. Sometimes its just so hard to get the motivation.  As the saying goes, the hardest step is the one out the door.I've been thinking for a while about having my own mantra to help keep me motivated.  Many runners... Continue Reading →

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