Discovering Wonder Women

This past weekend, I attended a women’s wellness weekend at our nearby YMCA Camp.   I signed up at the last minute and really didn’t have too much time to think about what to expect. I got the itinerary two days before the program, and was excited to see, in addition to the expected yoga and... Continue Reading →

Babies and cakes and toobs, oh my!

They sat there…looking at me with those baby eyes. Longing, wanting to be picked up, needing to be chosen for that special purpose. Some were just in diapers. Others in full footie pajamas. One was sleeping on his back. Two others, crawling. Blocks and blankets – some had things to play with. Three were big... Continue Reading →

This past Christmas holiday we were very fortunate to go on our first cruise.  I wasn't sure how I'd like it - I'd heard the usual are either cruise people, or not cruise people.   My husband and I have traveled the world and stayed in both nice and not so nice accommodations, been... Continue Reading →

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